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Oct 03

Healing Takes TIME

I am often asked by clients and readers alike for that one piece of advice that will help them reclaim their health and maintain it throughout the rest of their years. Of course, there is no magical solution and no simple answers when it comes to health and wellness.

Over the past seven years, I’ve attempted to shed some light on this topic by distilling health and wellness down to these five main categories and providing simple steps to maximize your health. Optimal nutrition, cutting-edge exercise, better function and movement, optimal sleep and minimizing stress have been the main focus of this blog.

Dr. Alain and I recently discussed this very topic on the Everyday Revolutions Podcast, you can listen to the episode below or subscribe on iTunes:

Notice I didn’t say: “To give readers the one quick fix that will forever reverse all their health problems in an instant.”

Mastering these aspects of health takes planning, commitment, perseverance and time. It can often take far more time and effort to reclaim your health than it took to lose in the first place. Also, these health essentials all work together and no one piece is necessarily more important than the other.

However, in today’s society people still want that quick fix. Look at the popularity of so-called “lifestyle medications” and late night infomercials promising instant weight loss and one minute facelifts.

This creates an unrealistic expectation of results, frustration and unfortunately, more sickness, as the original problem remains uncorrected.

Not to fault anyone who has had health challenges before: When you have been sick and in pain for a long period of time, it’s only natural to want to find the quickest solution. Unfortunately the quickest solution is rarely the best solution for that person.

In my experience, the majority of patients who got results had to work really hard at it. They had to prepare, be open to learning, quit bad habits, prioritize their time, consult with experts, invest in themselves and make a consistent effort to make health a top priority in life and not merely an afterthought.

In other words: They became active participants in their healthcare and stopped waiting for miracle cures and other practitioners to just “fix” them.

While there may not be one silver bullet that will fix a person’s health, consistent characteristics of people who have fought hard to reclaim their health is their desire to work hard and patience while doing it.

Remember, health and wellness are very much a process, not an event.

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Dr. Chris Chatzoglou, D.C., is a practising chiropractor in Vancouver, BC, a freelance health columnist, a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, co-host of the top-ranked Everyday Revolutions podcast.

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