YOUR workplace health revolution

These events will stimulate, educate and create a healthier company, which in turn will provide more productivity. A desired goal is to initiate a shift in the mindset, regarding their health, from passive to active.

Your employees will be given the tools to not only take responsibility for their health, but also create victories in their pursuit of a better life. Let our team start a health revolution in your company, no matter how big or small. These services are also offered to Police and Fire Departments.

“Dr. Desaulniers has done a couple stress and health presentations for the Gener8 staff. His enthusiasm is contagious and he always comes in with a positive attitude. The information he provides is valuable for anyone who is looking for that extra kick in order to get started on focusing on their health and wellness. He is truly passionate about making a difference in our community and getting people to really focus on what is important. I would recommend Dr. Alain to any business who is looking to add to their employee wellness programs.”

Pia Edberg
Crew Manager | GENER8 Digital Media Corp.
  • Lunch & learn health talks
  • Personalized Stress analysis

This is the doctors most requested event!

In the traditional ‘Lunch and Learn’ format any one topic is covered for a full 60 minutes. For companies with a more condensed schedule, effective and engaging talks can be scheduled for as little as 10 minutes! One of our doctors will teach one of our many topics, based on a selection of your choosing. However, do not be fooled by the title as these events are not limited to just lunch. We can accommodate both breakfast and dinner talks as well.

Click Here for a list of topics.