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Do you struggle with headaches, a weak immune system, annoying back pain, constantly tight shoulders or poor digestion? Do you lack the energy to get through your day? Are your hormones out of wack? Do you dread getting out of bed every morning? Do you have zero energy by the time you get home from work every day?

We get it. It's not so much about the pain you're feeling. We learn to push through. We adapt... Right? It's that it's stopping you from doing the things you need to do, want to do and love to do. It's interfering with your time with your kids, your spouse, your friends. It's interfering with your LIFE! 

Like those "normal" headaches that are causing you to feel irritated with your work and family, or that lack of energy that makes you crash on the couch instead of playing with your kids, or that pain that zaps you right when you needed to be focused and engaged in sports.

What is happening and WHY? Why is it still here? What's causing it? 

How can you get better?

Let's get real... You've probably tried a lot of things already. Over-the-counter and prescription drugs, various therapies and DIY remedies will help reduce the discomfort and mask your pain so that you can continue what's important to you. And if that actually worked long-term, wouldn't that be awesome? Who wouldn't want a quick fix?

But that seldom works anymore. Am I right? You know there's a deeper cause to your problem.

When you hear the fire alarm, you don't whack the alarm with a bat or rip out the batteries to make it stop. Ignoring the problem and hoping that it will "go away on its own" and hoping for the best rarely, if ever, leads to a good place... You know that. You don't want to rely on pills to help you get through the day. You don't want to suffer like this for the rest of your life. You want to be engaged and thrive in your life.

Are your symptoms actually the problem or is there something deeper, a primary issue that's underlying it?

What's Really The Problem?

Having worked with and helped thousands of people just like you over the years, we've clearly seen that problems like headaches, low energy, back and neck pain, childhood ear infections, poor immune function and digestive issues are almost never the ACTUAL problem... They're almost always a symptom of a PRIMARY problem. 

Our chiropractors at Revolution Health in Vancouver are not interested in masking symptoms. We are experts in uncovering primary problems of the spine and nervous system. We are experts in neuro-structural correction. 

Our thorough examination process is highly focused on identifying primary conditions that are affecting the ways you may feel or see, but more importantly in ways you probably haven't discovered yet.

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