Leave It All Out On The Ice

By Dr. Alain Desaulniers | Mindset

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Leave It All Out On The Ice

It’s Stanley Cup time again…

The year was 1983. The Edmonton Oilers had just lost the Stanley Cup Finals in four straight games to the New York Islanders. The way that the arena was set up in Edmonton, the home team would have to walk by the visiting teams dressing room to get back to their own.

Edmontonʼs coach, Glen Sather, was dreading he and his team having to walk by the winning teamʼs locker room, which would inevitably be filled with loud celebration. However, when Mr. Sather walked by, he saw the Islanders players all sitting down quietly with their heads down, looking completely exhausted.
When the Oilers got back to their dressing room, Glen Sather related to his team why the Islanders had won the Stanley Cup. They had left it ALL out on the ice. They gave it EVERYTHING they had. So much so, that they were too exhausted to even celebrate.

Their goal was to play with every bit of heart and stamina and strength that they could muster. And thatʼs exactly what they did. They left it all out on the ice. And they won.

What would that look like for all of us to go through every day like that? What if we were to charge towards the life of our dreams with that much reckless abandon? From the smallest to the biggest tasks and responsibilities throughout our day, what would it look like if we gave it everything we had inside of us?

Today, letʼs commit to leaving it all out on the ice. Letʼs connect with every person we meet with more intention and love and compassion than ever before. Letʼs move more boldly than ever toward becoming the people we are meant to be. Let’s create the daily habits to develop health and vitality that are beyond anything we’ve ever done. Letʼs complete every job and every action as if our lives depended on it. With every thought and action today, ask yourself: “What would it be like if I left it all out on the ice with this?” And then do it.

I know every chiropractic adjustment we deliver here at Revolution Health will take on a whole new meaning, and be that much more impactful. Every hug I give will connect that much more. Every word I speak will be understood that much clearer. Every thought I have will inspire me that much more.
The way to create a great life is to leave it all out on the ice.

p.s. The Edmonton Oilers won the Stanley cup the very next year.

About the Author

Dr. Alain Desaulniers is a second-generation doctor of chiropractic (from a family of 43+ chiropractors!), international speaker and educator, he’s been featured on numerous podcasts, has been applauded on stages big and small the whole world over and has been honoured to share the platform with some of the brightest minds in health, wellness and personal development. Dr. Alain is also the co-host of the top-ranked health, success and personal development podcast, Everyday Revolutions.