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By Dr. Alain Desaulniers | Chiropractic

How Dr. Alain Got Into Chiropractic

(It may surprise and shock you)

I'm often asked why I got into chiropractic and how I became a chiropractor here in Vancouver.

Well, have you ever had one of those moments where you hear something, you see something on TV or you read something, and all of a sudden whatever it was, it becomes this pivotal moment where you're just not the same ever after that?
I had one of those moments and it was when I heard a story, when I was 13 years old.I was working in my dad's office. He's a chiropractor. He was telling this story about this little boy.

It was a one day old little baby who was born after a really stressful birth, a really traumatic birth. The labor was like 36 hours plus and the woman was no closer to giving birth after that.And so it was supposed to be a home birth, and they want to have the baby at home and because of some of the the issues that they were having it was taking way too long. They ended up going to the hospital. They found out that the baby was in a position called "transverse lie" which means that he was lying sideways instead of facedown. As soon as it did turn head down the face was turned front side up. Usually it's frontside back. And so it became just a very stressful, very long labor.
So the mom and dad were lying in bed the next day with a little baby and everything seemed to be going good. They were taking a little nap with the baby and all of a sudden the mom wakes up from from one of her naps and looks over at the baby and the baby's eyes are just rolled back in his head.It's completely blue. Not breathing. It's convulsing. His arms and legs are just like this.

You can imagine the first thing the mom did was, was freak out, right. And so she freaks out. She yells. The dad wakes up and he freaks out and you know and the mom runs off to get the Midwife, who was staying with them. The dad looks at the baby and the dad at the time was a chiropractic student. So he did one of the things that he was trained to do and I was to check that baby spine for any interference to the nervous system.
We know because of the birth process that the way that the head can be pulled out and twisted like that can cause a lot of damage and a lot of interference and injury to the top bone in the neck which can put pressure on to the brain stem itself, into the nerves that exit from the top part of the neck.

So he checked that baby's spine for a misalignment and found it was really misaligned to the right hand side, right in the top bone in the neck, a bone called the Atlas.
Some people have some some misconceptions as to what it is to adjust an infant. You imagine if you take your pinky finger and you put it right over top of your eye and press just a little bit. Just hard enough so that it becomes a little bit sore. That's about as much pressure as it takes to adjust an infant.

So he held the baby's head and put just a little bit of pressure with his pinky finger, right at that top bone in the neck, the atlas,and just held some pressure like that. And all of a sudden felt it go back into place. Instantly the arms and the baby's arms and legs just dropped, took a big breath, started breathing again, turned nice and pink, after a little bit, and that was it. The baby fell asleep as if nothing had ever happened.

I'm hearing this story and oh my gosh! I had shivers listening to this, just like you might be right now.I thought "that is so cool" and my dad is telling this story about this little baby and he said: "You know, literally, that chiropractic adjustment saved that baby's life." My dad, who's typically a little bit more of a stoic character. He's very calm and collected most of the time. And he started tearing up and started kinda welling up when he was telling the story. He said: "The reason why that story is so powerful and he kind of pointed back at me, because I was behind the front desk."That was my son Al."

I get choked up every time I say the story, too.I thought about and I heard that for the first time when I was 13. Maybe I may have heard it before, but I don't remember. That was the first time where I really heard it. It really entered my soul. I recognized at that moment that if it wasn't for a specific, scientific chiropractic adjustment to release and relieve pressure from my nervous system, to allow my body to heal itself, that I may not be alive today.I may be a statistic. Because of that chiropractic adjustment, that saved my life. At that moment, my life took on a whole new meaning.

We're here every day, Dr. Chris and I, at Revolution Health, to take care of people and when I say this it might sound very grandiose but our purpose; what we have in our minds when we're taking care of people is: we're here to save lives. We're here to, not necessarily, I mean, you may not be in a condition where it's life or death, but I'll tell you that death is too easy. We're all going to die at some point. What really really matters is the quality of the days that we have while we're here. We have the opportunity to optimize the function of our bodies in all capacities to be able to love and feel and experience life to the best of our ability, to our optimal potential.

There's a great quote by Steve Prefontaine. He's a famous runner. he said: "To not give your best is to sacrifice the gift." And I may be paraphrasing but, if you're not giving your best in life, if you're able to do your best because of health challenges, you're sacrificing the gift that you have in your life.

You can do so much more.

So we're here to help. We love taking care of people. I always think about that little boy that was me that received that adjustment and what is possible through allowing peoples bodies to heal and function properly.

So I wish you the absolute best in your life and your health.We're here to help you optimize and maximize the function of your body so you can live an awesome life every single day. Have an awesome day.

Be awesome today.

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Dr. Alain Desaulniers is a second-generation doctor of chiropractic (from a family of 43+ chiropractors!), international speaker and educator, he’s been featured on numerous podcasts, has been applauded on stages big and small the whole world over and has been honoured to share the platform with some of the brightest minds in health, wellness and personal development. Dr. Alain is also the co-host of the top-ranked health, success and personal development podcast, Everyday Revolutions.